3 Local SEO Tips Small Businesses Can't Ignore to Improve Online Visibility in 2022 [DesignRush QuickSights]

3 Local SEO Tips Small Businesses Can’t Ignore to Improve Online Visibility in 2022 [DesignRush QuickSights]

46% of all Google searches are local intent


08 July 2022

46% of all Google searches are local intent. That’s an impressive 37,000 local searches per second. It matters because 76% of consumers who do a local search on their phone visit a store that day, as shared by Backlinko. While Google’s traditional ranking factors apply to local SEO, there are several other strategies that businesses, especially small ones, can use to increase visibility in local listings.

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting businesses to agencies, leveraged its network of 13,000 agencies to provide quick insights — or “QuickSights” — on the key local SEO tips small businesses should be using to improve online visibility.

According to Sachin Sahu, business head at Boodle Web Mart, small businesses should target local keywords and include them in their Google Business profiles to increase the visibility of search results.

“[…] small businesses should target local keywords to rank higher on Google. They should also emphasize GMB (Google my Business) listing to get it [to] the first position […] They should discover the key phrases their audience uses, then place these keywords in the right places on their websites and optimize the description in GMB with key phrases.

Nikita Rudnyk, co-founder of Nice Digital Studio, agrees that collecting Google reviews can improve local SEO efforts.

“A Semrush survey shows that having a large number of reviews can help improve visibility in Google Maps results,” says Rudnyk. “That’s why small businesses should encourage all their satisfied customers to leave feedback on Google. Together with a well-optimized Google Business profile, they will succeed in reaching higher positions for local inquiries.”


Dave Place, owner of Let’s Design Your Site, adds that businesses should make sure they fill in all the details in their Google Business profiles to improve relevancy.

“Google Business Profile helps improve local SEO efforts by enabling local businesses to appear high in search results when users search for nearby places,” Place said. “All businesses serving their local markets, especially small ones, should ensure that their Google business profile is properly optimized to reach customers. This includes filling out all the elements of their profiles, such as location and images, as well as adding relevant keywords to improve relevance.”


Finally, UR Digital Managing Director Pulkit Agrawal claims that small businesses should aim to collect all their reviews on their Google Business profiles, which they can also use for their websites.

“Many local businesses don’t have a streamlined process when it comes to reviews,” Agrawal says. “They collect it on different platforms. While it’s fine, it’s not an ideal process. Research shows that high numerical Google ratings are the #1 factor for ranking local search results. So make sure to collect all your reviews on your Google business profile to improve your local SEO efforts and visibility. Then use them on your website to kill two birds with one stone.

DesignRush ranked the best local SEO companies that help all types of businesses achieve higher ranks for local queries.

1. SEOWizard – seowizard.ie

Expertise: SEO audit, local SEO, ecommerce SEO and more

2. ConversionSpree – conversionspree.com

Expertise: Local SEO and GMB, PPC Management, Social Media Marketing and more

3. Pivotal Point Marketing – pivotalpointmarketing.com

Expertise: SEO audit, local SEO, content writing and more

4. Boodle Web Mart Technology – Boodlemart.com

Expertise: Local SEO, Ecommerce SEO, Ads and more

5. Adchemist Digital – adchemistdigital.com

Expertise: keyword research, local SEO, link building and more

6. webTIPS. – webtips.co.in

Expertise: Ecommerce SEO, Local SEO, Content Marketing and more

7. Profit Parrot Marketing – profitparrot.com

Expertise: content writing, local SEO, PPC management and more

8. WriterArmy – writerarmy.com

Expertise: content marketing, content strategy, SEO strategy and more

9. Let’s design your site – letsdesignyoursite.com

Expertise: web design, web development, SEO and more

10. Cyrusson – cyrusson.com

Expertise: SEO, web design, content creation and more

11. SimplyGreat.Co – SimplyGreat.co

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