B2B Content Strategies for SEO & Behind [Podcast]

B2B Content Strategies for SEO & Behind [Podcast]

Great content can be a powerful tool for the B2B world.

The key is to know how it will benefit your business and what SEO strategy you need to use.

Kameron Jenkins, content manager for Shopify and Botify & amp; Moz Content Marketer joined the SEJ Show to discuss content marketing strategies for the B2B world and great content SEO & amp; various marketing channels.

You will receive information on the most important factors to consider when considering B2B content strategies.

Inorganic search content is one type of content, but not the only type of content. It’s not the only thing content can do. Content is a tool, a means to an end. It’s all about how you apply it.— Kameron Jenkins, 8:05 p.m.

I have seen from my personal experience that good content marketers can learn almost anything and get up and running fairly quickly.– Kameron Jenkins, 13:54

We start with the product and its features, and that’s how we create our themes. Basically, everything we talk about can be related to the product in some way or another. — Kameron Jenkins, 25:49.

[00:00] – Kameron & amp; what attracted him to Shopify.

[04:49] – Online & amp; Shopify offline.

[07:26] – How the daily contents of the camera look & amp; how he formed a group.

[12:00] – Challenges in finding a writer.

[15:06] – How to set up & amp; communicating expectations with stakeholders.

[19:45] – Does Kameron go beyond SEO for success measures?

[25:37] – Customer Importance & amp; the buyer’s decision journey in your content.

[27:22] – What a good battle-card.

[32:04] – The difference between small and large business content strategies.

[39:56] – How to update older content.

[43:56] – How to Identify Content Decline.

What type of content is a podcast?

What type of content is a podcast?
[45:53] – What’s in a short content?[48:20] – Important Thoughts on Small Business Content Marketing Strategy.
[53:31] – Tips for integrating vertical targeting into your content strategy.Resources mentioned:
Gong – https://www.gong.io/Articles written by Kameron in SEJ – https://www.searchenginejournal.com/author/kameron-jenkins/
It is important to prioritize refreshments. I would dive into the exact level of keywords we lost the most positions in this post. —Cameron Jenkins, 41:49It can be very hard on some searches. Patience is a virtue, but patience does not always sit at the table. — Loren Baker, 15:23
What we are doing here is not only helping you to qualify, but also helping you to close all the advantages you are getting from the various funnels. — Loren Baker, 23:58.For more content like this, subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/searchenginejournal

Kameron Jenkins is head of content for Shopify. In previous roles, Brand, Content & amp; Botify Communications, Moz’s SEO Wordsmith and SEO & amp; Content strategy in a digital marketing agency that serves local and multi-country businesses across the country.

What is the content of a podcast?

Based on his experience, Kameron enjoys every opportunity to talk about SEO, content strategy and digital marketing. Add SEO issues for local businesses and navigate organizational challenges / opportunities.

What are 5 elements of a podcast?

Connect with Cameron on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kameron-jenkins/

  • Follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kammie_Jenkins
  • Connect with Loren Baker, founder of Search Engine Journal:
  • Follow him on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/lorenbaker
  • Connect with him on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lorenbaker
  • 1.

What is an example of a podcast?


What is the category of podcast?


What is the most popular podcast category?

Investigative Journalism

How do I choose a podcast category?


  • Finance
  • 11.
  • Comedy script

How many podcast categories are there?


Does podcast category matter?

Game Show

What type of media is podcast?

What kind of content works on a podcast? The most engaging podcast content helps readers to explore more and provide ways to learn more. For each section, think of important resources that you can focus on later. Examples include important articles, YouTube videos, or books that delve deeper into the subject.

Is a podcast digital media?

With a little more detail, a podcast with spoken words, audio clips, all focused on a particular topic or topic, such as cycling or startups. You can subscribe to the session with an app on your phone and listen to episodes with headphones, car, or speakers whenever you want.

What is a podcast classified as?

5 elements of a good podcast

What is media podcasts?

Focus on a central idea.

What type of social media is podcasts?

Play to an audience.

How do I edit my next podcast?

How do I edit my next podcast?

Regular schedules.

Show structure.

  • Authenticity.
  • The definition of a podcast is a digital media file distributed over the Internet for viewing and listening to on a computer, iPod, or other device. A radio show exclusively distributed on the Internet and listened to on people’s iPods is an example of a podcast.
  • Some of the different podcast genres include news, comedy, social and cultural, business, real crime, sports, health / fitness, and fictional podcasts.
  • In October 2020, the most popular podcast genre in the United States was seen as comedy, with 22% of those surveyed saying they were very interested in podcasts designed to make them laugh. News podcasts and those based on real crimes were also popular options, as well as sports and health …
  • Your podcast category is important, but don’t overemphasize it …. Highlight your podcast title and artwork.

Can you edit a podcast after posting?

Choose a different background color. If everyone else uses yellow, choose purple!

Can you change a podcast?

Make your design current. Many podcast covers have not been updated in years, and it shows. …

How much does it cost to edit a podcast?

Do not use templates.

How do I edit a podcast clip?

Is it difficult to edit a podcast?

Apple Podcasts recommends sessions based on more than 100 categories and subcategories. You can choose the two categories or subcategories that best reflect the content of your show.

What are stations in podcast?

What are stations in podcast?

The main category of your podcast is important. Not only is it part of your show’s product packaging, it also determines the company you maintain in Apple’s ecosystem. Whenever possible, choose a specific subcategory (Society and Culture: Instead of Personal Magazines, Society and Culture) as the main category of your show.

Podcasting, once a obscure method of disseminating audio information, has become a popular medium for sharing audio content, whether for corporate or personal use. Podcasts are similar in form to radio shows, but are available as audio files that can be played to the listener’s liking, anytime, anywhere.

What is the #1 podcast in the world?

What is the #1 podcast in the world?

NO! A podcast is a new medium. A podcast is a new channel. But it’s still a one-way conversation at the end of the day …. you hear one or two people interviewing you.

The dictionary definition for a podcast is to download a digital audio file available on the Internet to a computer or mobile device, usually available as a series, and new parts can be automatically received by subscribers. The term podcast is a bug in iPod and Broadcast.

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