Citation Vault’s Local SEO Solution: Scale Your Business, Not Your Overhead

Humble, Texas-based Citation Vault offers an effective SEO solution with 300 local citations, including unique business descriptions, custom URL structures, built-in Google My Business Maps, links to social media accounts and Schema on all profile pages, ensuring a boost in local. search engine results pages.

Humble, Texas, USA – November 25, 2022 –

Consumers today rely heavily on online searches to find the best products and services in an area, and these searches aren’t just limited to Google. Many websites, local business directories, maps, apps and social networks are geared towards helping customers find the best local businesses based on their search query. Therefore, it is essential to have a business listing on all the websites and applications that the customers use.

Local citations also help improve a business’s search ranking and can be a great means of generating leads from potential customers. Ranked Local Citations – Globally in the top 10, Citation Vault offers 300 local sites to ensure business listings reach the target audience and businesses get the most out of local SEO.

Local citations are an absolute must for any business serving customers in a specific geographic area. Search engines value local citations because having accurate and consistent information about a business on multiple sites makes it more credible and reliable. Therefore, a business with many local citations will rank higher on local SERPs (search engine results pages).

The higher visibility will ultimately boost sales leads for the customer, whether by phone, email or at your place of business. Citation Vault’s Local Business Citation solution offers 300 local citations, ensuring a business profile is up and running in all 300 Local Directories within hours. All business descriptions on each site are rewritten and unique, avoiding content duplication and Google filtering.

This is supported by the company’s custom URL structures for the most important backlinks, embedded Google My Business Maps, links to social media accounts, and Scheme on all profile pages. The platform’s local citations provide both location and niche relevance worldwide, using Google Maps API to establish more local prominence and expand the dominance of the business location in a service area.

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One of the significant things that can affect a business’s ranking in search is inconsistent citations and NAP (Name, Address, Phone) data. Based on Moz’s Local SEO Ranking Factors, NAP inconsistencies were identified as the third highest negative factor affecting local rankings. Citation Vault ensures that the business listings across the various directories are accurate, as search engines promote businesses with accurate and consistent NAPs over those where it finds inconsistencies in the citations. People browsing the site will find the platform’s Local SEO Citations to be credible and reliable.

Citations are difficult to maintain, with various aggregators, user suggestions, manual errors, and other elements causing citations. However, there are many services to outsource this Business Listing Management, but they have varying results and prices.

Prices for Local SEO Citations can vary dramatically, depending on the number of citations in various Directory Listings. Citation Vault is the only local citation service that offers an Unlimited Plan with a low monthly subscription to agency owners, SEOs and local SEO providers. The company also provides an unlimited agency plan where the agency can add as many clients as they want. For their Black Friday Deal, Citation Vault is offering $1000 OFF and two months Free on their Unlimited Annual Agency Plan.

Citation Vault, a woman-led, veteran-owned and family-run local business, was launched to meet a need within the value chain. After six years of owning an agency, the owners found that getting decent local quotes that mattered was a challenge. They decided to build the solution missing in the marketplace, and Citation Vault was born.

Contact Information: Name: Andy Braudway Email: Send Email Organization: Citation Vault Address: 7331 Emerald Glade Lane, Humble, Texas, 77396, USA Phone: (713) 808-1654 Website:

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How do I edit my page?

A classic mobile browser experience

  • Tap on the top right of Facebook.
  • Tap Pages.
  • Go to your Page and click More.
  • Click Edit Page and click Page Info.
  • Tap the sections you want to edit and add your information.
  • Scroll down and click Save.

Where is the Edit Page button in Facebook 2022? From your Feed, click Pages in the left menu. Go to your Page. Click the action button below your Page’s cover photo and select Edit Button.

How do I edit my page on Facebook?

Go to your Page and click More. Click Edit Page and click Page Info. Tap the sections you want to edit and add your information. Scroll down and click Save.

Why can’t I edit my page info on Facebook?

If you don’t see the option to edit your Page name: You don’t have a Page role that allows you to change the name of your Page. Learn how to view your Page role. You or another administrator recently changed the name of your Page.

What percentage of people use Google My Business?

64% of consumers have used GMB to find contact details for a local business. Hotels mark the highest number of views on Google Search and Maps every month. 70% of clicks in Google search results go to organic, with 30% going to AdWords.


Is it worth posting on Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is one of the most powerful ways to improve a business’s local search engine optimization and online visibility. If you’re a local business, claiming your Google My Business profile is one of the first steps you should take to increase your company’s online presence.

Does Google My Business increase SEO? Your Google My Business listing shows searchers where and how to visit your business. A Google Business Profile also improves your local SEO. In particular, a local business listing is more likely to appear when people search for a nearby business using Google Maps.

How often should I post on Google My Business?

One important thing to note first is that all GMB posts will expire after 7 days. That means you want to publish fresh content at least once a week to stay active on your page. For maximum engagement, post daily.

Should I post on my business page everyday?

It is generally recommended to post 1 time per day, and no more than 2 times per day. In fact, some studies have even found a drop in engagement if you post more than that… so don’t get too happy. Aim for quality over quantity. The average Facebook Page shares 1.55 posts per day.

How long do posts last on Google My Business?

If there are no start or end times, then the system defaults to 24 hours on the date it is posted. These posts can also include a photo, video, description, and action button.

Are Google My Business posts worth it?

Especially for businesses with brick-and-mortar locations, a Google Business Profile is non-negotiable. There’s no question that Google is one of the best ways for customers to find you, so focusing on local SEO and optimizing your presence there is common sense. Plus, did I mention it’s free?

How many times can you post on Google My Business?

â The minimum is one post per week, as your GMB post will expire after 7 days. That means if you don’t add new content to your page, prospects won’t be able to see anything on your GMB listing other than your existing information.

Why is it important to post on Google My Business?

The Advantages of Google My Business Post. Google Post helps you promote your brand, products, sales, specials, events and offers – for free on your Google My Business (GMB) listing. These Posts can help you reach more customers and entice them to interact with your business directly from Google Search.

Why are Google posts important?

Google Posts has the potential to improve organic performance in any sector. They provide legitimate backlinks to your website, thus increasing internet traffic. Adding a CTA button helps achieve this goal.

Are Google My Business posts important?

Not only is your GMB Profile easily visible to potential customers when they search on Google, but Google My Business is also a key Google local ranking factor. In fact, according to local ranking factor industry research, Google My Business “signals†are the most important ranking factor for local package rankings.

What is the purpose of Google My Business?

Google Business Profile is an easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence through Google. To help customers find your business, you can verify your business and edit your business information.

Is Google My Business account free?

Yes, it’s free to create your Business Profile on Google. Create your profile at no cost, and you can manage your Google Search and Maps business to start reaching more customers.

Is Google My Business worth it? Absolutely. It’s free advertising for you from Google, which is never a bad thing. Google finds relevance in your business when you claim your listing. Claiming your GMB listing is a great start, but if you max it out, you’re taking up as much space as possible in your local service area.

Do you need a Google account to use Google My Business?

Yes, you can list your business on Google My Business for free. To register for the service, you only need a Google account. If you use Gmail for business, Hiver can help convert your inbox into a help desk.

What is required for Google My Business?

To qualify for a Google Business Profile, a business must personally contact customers during their set hours. There are some exceptions: ATMs, video rental kiosks and express mail boxes are allowed. If you add these locations, you must include contact information for customers to receive assistance.

What is the difference between Google and Google My Business?

In other words, Google is just one aspect of Google my Business, which contains a number of other features. While Google is its own thing, Google my Business allows you to link your accounts, furthering the point that Business acts as a dashboard for your business online.

Can I still use Google My Business if I don’t have a business storefront?

My business does not have a store. Can I still have a Business Profile? Yes, you can have a profile if your business does not have a physical address as long as you make personal contact with customers.

How much does Google charge for a business account?

Choose your Google Workspace pricing plan. Try it free for 14 days. Google Workspace plans start as low as $6 per user per month for Business Starter, $12 per user per month for Business Standard and $18 per user per month for Business Plus.

What is Google Workspace used for?

Google Workspace includes the productivity apps you know and love—Gmail, Drive, Docs, Meet, and more—in one place so you can create, communicate, and collaborate.

Is Google Workspace still free?

Try it free for 14 days. Google Workspace plans start as low as $6 per user per month for Business Starter, $12 per user per month for Business Standard and $18 per user per month for Business Plus.

Is Google Workspace free or paid?

Try it free for 14 days. Google Workspace plans start at just ¹125 per user per month for Business Starter, ¹672 per user per month for Business Standard and ¹1260 per user per month for Business Plus.

What is the difference between Gmail and Google Workspace?

The most important difference between free Gmail and commercial Gmail (Google Workspace) is the design of the product. While free Gmail is designed for personal users, Google Workspace is specifically designed for business use, with business Gmail and team collaboration capabilities.

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