Kettering SEO Expert Joins Seedhub Media

Kettering SEO Expert Joins Seedhub Media

Kettering, June 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Kettering, England –

SEO expert Simon Kensington-Fellows of Kensington SEO, based in Kettering, Northamptonshire, has joined Seedhub Media as co-founder and Head of Search. Kensington SEO customers will be transferred and managed by Simon Kensington-Fellows and his team under the Seedhub Media logo. Seedhub Media will continue to have an office and location in Kettering and will continue to provide local SEO, Google Profile Business, SEO Organic and eCommerce SEO businesses in Kettering (and more widely available in Northamptonshire, UK).

Seedhub Media Search Chief Simon Kensington-Fellows said, “I am very pleased to be able to provide search engine optimization services through my team of SEO experts at Seedhub Media. In these difficult economic times, creating more leadership and gaining more customers essential to the survival and growth of any local business, working with Seedhub Media now means that I am able to positively impact more local businesses than I alone can. ”Learn more about SEO agency offerings and what their team can do for local businesses in the following link: SEO Kettering.

Since its inception, Seedhub Media has strived to give Kettering businesses and the UK as a whole the right audience. The agency has long recognized that local businesses have a lot to offer their community, but their efforts can often be unrecognizable because of the big, national (or even international) players who are taking the attention of their customers. . In addition, businesses held in this unfavorable position sometimes find that they cannot invest enough in marketing without harming other sources – potentially undermining the quality of the products or services provided by customers. In some cases, a change in the focus of marketing alone can cause a business to lose its competitive edge over time, leading to positive and negative consequences.

However, this all changes when such businesses choose to partner with digital marketing experts who can take on this huge responsibility on their behalf. SEO, or search engine optimization, in particular is known to be a very powerful tool in the right hand, and there are a small number of more powerful than the Seedhub Media team. Now, with the arrival of Simon Kensington-Fellows, their reach has increased.

Seedasub Media Founder and CEO Andreas Georgiades said, “I am very excited to be working with Simon; His 15 years of SEO experience, encyclopaedic SEO knowledge and his scientific experimentation in SEO mean that Seedhub Media SEO clients are in the safe hands possible. “

To some extent, businesses can do some local SEO SEO to push their page rank markers into search results. However, search algorithms tend to change without warning, and creators usually do not clearly share the theory of how they work and the issues they are specifically looking for on the web and so on. Further, many simple aspects of the industry can fully identify the average business owner (who is likely to have many other important issues to take care of), which can lead to provide a lot of energy just to see a low return. as they expected.

For example, Seedhub Media says SEO is usually done on one platform: Google. Although it is far from the only search engine that a client can use, the mere fact that most of the Google search is done through Google makes it impossible to recommend anyone to focus on alternatives, such as Bing, Yahoo !, Ask and so on. By mid-2021, it was estimated that more than 90% of all global searches had fallen on the Google search engine. As such, all efforts must be focused here, and Google’s algorithms are exactly what the Seedhub Media team is constantly working on to unlock.

For his part, Kensington-Fellows spent his career using data and scientific experimentation to determine Google rankings. The results of this process are unmistakable, and they consistently form the basis of any major campaign. As Head of Search at Seedhub Media, he stands to ensure that the agency remains in the top rankings of SEO experts in the UK.

For more information on Seedhub Media Kettering, contact the company here:

Seedhub Media KetteringAndreas Georgiades01536 425441info@seedhubmedia.com32 Drayton RoadLowickKetteringNorthamptonshireNN14 3BG

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