Local Search Engine Optimization for Online Advantages is a Major Focus for 2022

Local Search Engine Optimization for Online Advantages is a Major Focus for 2022

To Help Business Owners Understand the Value of Local SEO, Online Profits Recently Posted An In-depth Guide on This Important Topic

, /PRNewswire/ — Matt Maglodi, founder of the full-service internet marketing company Online Advantages, is pleased to announce that local search engine optimization is a key focus of his company in 2022.

To read more about the importance of local search engine optimization, see https://onlineadvantages.net/local-search-engine-optimization-by-online-advantages/.

As Maglodi notes, apart from making local search engine optimization the main focus of Profit Online in 2022, he also deeply feels the importance of helping teach current and prospective clients why SEO is so important.

This inspired him to create and post a new guide, which is the latest in his company’s SEO education academy series.

“At Online Advantages, we believe the concept of SEO shouldn’t be complicated or confusing. That’s why we work to provide you with the definitive guide to local SEO, breaking down jargon and terminology so you can understand what all this is and why it’s important to your business, says the educational guide, adding that a great place to start is by learning about organic versus local SEO.

While organic SEO positions and ranks a company’s online content against others in their niche using signals and keywords, these results can also pull data from across the country or around the world. This means that local business listings may not be visible to the ideal audience.

As the guide notes, local search engine optimization is different, although it works on the same principles as organic SEO.

“Localized content, location services, and regularly updated Google My Business listings optimized for business SEO help nearby customers looking for your products and services contact you more easily and efficiently.”

Additional topics in the new Online Profits guide include a basic overview of local SEO, how it can be used to increase reach, presence, and ROI, and the importance of being consistent with SEO efforts.

Profit Online is a unique full service internet marketing company. Founder Matt Maglodi specializes in all aspects of online marketing from video marketing, to pay-per-click advertising, organic search and social media. For more information, visit https://onlineadvantages.net/.

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