Merchynt Recognizes Google’s Official White Label Business Administration Service to Help Small Businesses Succeed

Santa Monica, Jan. 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Santa Monica, California —

Mercynt, a local SEO service provider, offers listing management software, reputation management software, and GMB (now Google Business Profile) services to help local businesses rank higher in “Near Me” searches.

With the increasing use of search engines by consumers, businesses that do not utilize local SEO services are at a disadvantage in today’s digital age. Mercynt, a leading GMB services company based in Santa Monica, is pleased to announce the official launch of its GBP management services. The service, formerly known as GMB Management Services, has been in beta testing for the past nine months and has seen significant growth and improvement in customer ratings.

Starting in January 2023, small business owners can now access this affordable and effective service to boost their Google rankings and attract more customers online. With Mercynt’s brand of local SEO services, small business owners can expect an increase in Google traffic and improved rankings, helping them succeed during the economic downturn when other methods of getting customers are found. can be expensive and dangerous.

The cost of SEO services for local businesses can be a huge hurdle for small businesses struggling to stay afloat. However, Mercynt’s brand of GBP management services’ affordability and efficiency set them apart, which is especially important during the economic downturn when other means of acquiring customers, such as PPC , become too expensive and risky for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Marketing agencies and other companies that work with SMBs can resell Mercynt’s service under their brand while keeping at least 50% profit. Resellers of this service also have access to Mercynt’s white label Google review program, white label listing software, and white label reputation management software. All sellers get a clear sign on the customer dashboard for easy management and monitoring of their customer’s progress.

Mercynt works with many vendors, including major b2b software companies, well-known organizations, business consultants, and marketing agencies. Mercynt offers a standard discount to all sellers, enabling smaller agencies to win.

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Their mission is to help small business owners succeed, which is the guiding principle in everything they do. According to Justin Silverman, founder & CEO of Mercynt, “We are very proud of our team for consistently delivering exceptional local SEO results for our vendors and customers. I look forward to getting this useful and useful service into the hands of small business owners through our amazing partner network.”

Businesses that do not use local SEO services miss out on many potential customers and do not build a strong online reputation, resulting in a decrease in sales and revenue and, ultimately, a decrease in business in the long run. Mercynt’s white label GBP management service is an alternative for small business owners and service agencies.

The company’s mission is to help small business owners succeed, and they do that by providing an affordable and effective service that boosts Google rankings and attracts more customers. Mercynt is highly rated by Trustpilot and has a proven track record of delivering exceptional SEO results for sellers and customers. They are excited to continue helping local businesses around the world rank higher in Google ‘near me’ searches and drive more customers to their doors.

Local SEO is very important because more and more customers are using search engines to find businesses in their area. Unfortunately, if the business is not optimized for local search terms, it is unlikely to appear in the search results, which means it is missing out on potential customers.

Mercynt is a white label SEO service company that provides marketing agency products and services that can sell white label products and services to their clients. Our top selling products are white label listing management software, white label Google review software, white label local SEO services, & white label GMB Management Services (now known as GBP Management Services). They are experts in helping local businesses around the world rank higher in Google “Near Me” searches. Many leading marketing agencies and organizations resell their marketing materials & services to their customers under their own brand, and is rated High on Trustpilot.

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MercyntJustin Silvermanmedia@merchynt.com150 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405

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