Search Engine Land Awards 2022: And the winner is…

Every year, we’re thrilled to celebrate the best in search marketing by honoring individuals, agencies, and internal teams around the world who deliver exceptional results.

And today, on behalf of Search Engine Land and everyone at Third Door Media, we’re pleased to announce the final 16 winners of the 8th Annual Search Engine Land Awards.

As a reminder, we have already announced the winners of two categories: Small Agency of the Year – SEO (ANGA Bangkok Co., Ltd.) and Small Agency of the Year – PPC (Results Optimized).

These are the winners of the Search Engine Land Awards 2022:

PPC Campaign Award winners

Best Overall PPC Initiative – Small Business

Best Overall PPC Initiative – Enterprise

Best Commerce Search Marketing Initiative – PPC

Best Local Search Marketing Initiative – PPC

Best B2B Search Marketing Initiative – PPC

Best Integration of Search Into Omnichannel Marketing

SEO Campaign Award winners

Best Overall SEO Initiative – Small Business:

Best Overall SEO Initiative – Enterprise

Best Commerce Search Marketing Initiative – SEO

Best Local Search Marketing Initiative – SEO

Best B2B Search Marketing Initiative – SEO

Team, Individual & Overall Award winners

Agency of the Year – PPC

Agency of the Year – SEO

In-House Team of the Year – PPC

In-House Team of the Year – SEO

Search Marketer of the Year

“I’m going to SMX Next!”

Selected winners of the 2022 Search Engine Land Awards will be invited to speak live on SMX Next during our two ask me anything style sessions. Bring your burning SEO and PPC questions to this award-winning panel of search marketers!

Sign up here for SMX Next (it’s free) if you haven’t already.

Congratulations again to all the winners. And a big thank you to everyone who participated in the 2022 Search Engine Land Awards, to our fantastic panel of judges, and to our amazing sponsor of this year’s awards, Microsoft.

Danny Goodwin is Managing Editor of Search Engine Land & SMX. In addition to writing daily about SEO, PPC, and more for Search Engine Land, Goodwin also manages Search Engine Land’s roster of subject matter experts. He also helps schedule our conference series, SMX – Search Marketing Expo.

What are the 5 key functions of PR?

  • Prior to joining Search Engine Land, Goodwin was Executive Editor at Search Engine Journal, where he led editorial initiatives for the brand. He was also an editor at Search Engine Watch. He has spoken at many major search conferences and virtual events, and his expertise has been cited by a wide range of publications and podcasts.
  • What are the main functions of a public relations firm?
  • Media representation. Media coverage is only one aspect of public relations functions. …
  • Crisis Communication. …

Content Development and Administration. …

Why are sales awards important?

Management of Social Networks.

What is the main function of public relations? The Public Relations Department monitors and assesses public attitudes and maintains mutual relations and understanding between an organization and its public. It improves communication channels and institutes new ways to establish a two-way flow of information and understanding.

Why awards are important for a company?

Why sales recognition? Sales Awards revolve around appreciating the achievements and hard work of the teams and individuals in your company. This involves fostering emotional connections between your employees and your organization without compromising the values ​​of the company and the work done by your staff.

What is the impact of winning an award?

Do prizes increase sales? As your business grows, rewards promote loyalty and trust while providing a competitive advantage. According to Best Business Awards, award-winning small businesses can see a 63% increase in revenue and a 39% growth in sales. Large companies also benefit, seeing a 48% increase in revenue and a 37% growth in sales.

What is the importance of awards and recognition?

Awards and quality marks can boost your organization’s reputation, setting you apart from the crowd. You can also give your people a morale boost by highlighting their accomplishments. If you’re a young business, winning awards can signal to the world that you’ve “arrived” and help build your credibility.

What does awards mean in business?

Receiving an award brings more benefits than just winning. In addition to making us feel good, it can also offer a great boost for business. An award adds credibility and opens the door to new opportunities. You can impress potential customers and increase sales, improve employee engagement and loyalty.

What is the importance of awards?

Appreciation and recognition are powerful motivators that lead to increased performance, productivity, morale, employee retention, and overall satisfaction. Appreciation and recognition are two of the most important principles that people value in their jobs.

Why are awards so important?

Awards (the modern awards) are legal documents that outline minimum wage rates and conditions of employment.

Awards can help gain a significant amount of visibility in a certain market or industry, and attract new clients, investors, and donors by giving the organization an edge over its competitors. Validate. Awards say a lot about a company’s products or services and confirm its credibility.

Do awards really matter?

An award ceremony makes people feel that their work is valued. It shows approval and gratitude for each person’s good work, and makes people aware that good work will be rewarded. It shows others, such as the general public and other staff members, that you are aware of outstanding achievements.

Do the Oscars mean anything?

Are the prizes effective? Economist Bruno Frey says that when rewards are well designed, they can have a powerful effect on our behavior. “When people receive an award, in general, they are likely to work better, to be more engaged, to have, as we say, higher intrinsic motivation.

Do awards mean anything?

Even the smallest recognition works as a great motivation for students and encourages them to work even harder and sincerely. Recognizing students with awards and certificates makes them and their work stand out, which again motivates them and entices other students to work harder.

Do awards matter in life?

The Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars, are awards for artistic and technical merit in the American film industry. The awards are considered by many to be the most important and prestigious awards in the film industry in the United States.

What do awards symbolize?

To begin with, awards, by their very definition, mean that you have done well and have done a good job. Period. That’s the core impetus of them, that’s what they mean when you look at them: a group of thoughtful people, mostly fellow professionals in your field, think you did a great job. Never forget that.

Do you think winning prizes and awards is important in one’s life explain?

It is not the prestige that matters but how it makes us feel. Prizes make us feel good. They are recognition of a job well done and justification for the agony, self-doubt, and hard work that went into earning them. Awards can make us feel proud, happy, overwhelmed and delighted.

What is the difference between an honor and an award?

An award, sometimes called a distinction, is something given to a recipient as a token of recognition for excellence in a particular field. When the token is a medal, ribbon, or other item designed to be worn, it is known as a decoration.

Should you display your awards?

HERE IS YOUR ANSWER. => For some, the awards are like a motivation that inspires them to keep doing good work and move forward in life. For the rest, the prizes do not matter much because they are motivated people who know that a fall cannot knock down the principles and facts of life.

What is the importance of medals?

It is important to remember that there is a difference between an award and an honor. An award is an achievement to be worked for, a goal, or a recognition to be earned. You can request an award. An honor is bestowed without the recipient knowing until it is announced.

What does winning an award do?

Placing awards on your desk facing out lets your visitors know that what you’ve accomplished is something you consider personal and distinctive. If customers sit across from you, desktop awards are a direct way to show them your qualifications right from the start.

What does winning an award mean to you?

A medal may be awarded to a person or organization as a form of recognition for their sporting, military, scientific, cultural, academic, or other achievements. Military awards and decorations are more precise terms for certain types of state decorations.

How do you feel after winning an award?

In the adult world, winning awards can promote careers (including being more respected, earning more money, and being promoted). The awards recognize hard work and achievement. Awards can boost employee morale and motivation by recognizing their contribution to your company’s success.

What is the benefit of winning award?

There is something special when you are recognized as the best at something. In the adult world, winning awards can promote careers (including being more respected, earning more money, and being promoted). The awards recognize hard work and achievement.

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