SEO North offers local SEO for addiction treatment facilities

SEO North Now Offers Local SEO Services for Addiction and Rehab Centers in North America

, /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — SEO North recently announced the addition of its new local SEO service. The agency specializes in referrals for drug rehabilitation and treatment centers across North America. “Few fulfillment centers realize how poorly they rank in local searches,” said Isaac Adams-Hands, founder and CEO of SEO North. “In a local search, a facility can descend to the second or third page of search results just five miles from its location. Most people searching look at the first three results on the first page instead of all results on the first few pages. About 96% of people searching for a local query will choose a result on the first page.” Isaac provided a visual aid of a map with red and green dots indicating rank numbers within a radius around a location. Red dots were associated with lower rankings and green dots were associated with high first page rankings. Isaac said SEO North is working hard to green the entire radius map for the processing facilities it serves.

Businesses today face more competition, and having a strong online presence is integral to being a successful leader. Local SEO is designed to help boost the business of entities that serve a local population. With a local SEO strategy, an addiction treatment center has a tailored approach to attracting a target demographic, increasing website traffic, and generating more leads. While offline marketing is always important, online marketing with local SEO is a goal treatment establishments should consider. “We’ve noticed that addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers receive the most website traffic and phone calls from Google Business Profile,” said Isaac Adams-Hands. “Our estimates are that over 95% of their calls are from British Pounds instead of organic web calls. This is a powerful message about the importance of local SEO for treatment establishments.”

The research supports SEO North’s emphasis on the importance of local SEO. According to statistics, up to 46% of all searches on Google are local. This means they have a specific geographic location added with the search query. About 97% of people who search online are looking for a local business, and nearly 86% of people use Google Maps to find local businesses. Additionally, approximately 78% of local searches on mobile lead to an offline purchase. These stats show how important it is for installs to reach their target market, and local SEO can help connect them. “With rising rates of addiction since the start of the pandemic, treatment facilities across North America are looking for other ways to reach people who need their services,” added Isaac. “A solid SEO strategy that focuses on local SEO is a good start, and we’re here to help drug rehabilitation or treatment centers achieve their goals.”

SEO North is located in Ottawa, Ontario. It belongs to Isaac Adams-Hands. He is a digital marketer and full-stack developer who graduated from the University of Western Sydney with a bachelor’s degree. Detoxification is one of his areas of expertise. The SEO North team works together to focus on clients and their unique needs, and they work hard to double every dollar clients invest in their services in sales generated. They welcome organizations that have not experienced the growth that other agencies promised them.

SEO North is committed to education, transparency, accountability, and quality customer service. Auditing, research and planning are all done by the SEO North team. They develop strategies focused on minimizing technical SEO errors, increasing qualified leads, and increasing organic traffic growth. To achieve this, they develop optimized content, optimize websites for searches, build authority through the use of backlinks, and provide advanced analytics for continuous improvements that keep their clients competitive. SEO North also offers live chat support on their website. For more information, see

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