Which term ranks higher in SEO? Lawyer or barrister?

Rebranding your law firm? You may be wondering if the term “lawyer” or “attorney” is better used for search engine optimization. Often interchanged, Google may prefer one over the other. It is important to know which keyword is best for your law firm and your practice and use the keyword that will drive the most traffic to your website. . Read on to find out which keywords rank higher in SEO for law firms.

Why is SEO so important?Search engine optimization (SEO) is central to online marketing. This method helps websites rank higher in Google and other search engines. Most consumers search for law firms online. Many will not look past the first page of search results.

A good marketing plan includes the use of keywords that new customers will use when they search, so that they find your company on the first page of results when looking for a lawyer online. .

Surprisingly, most law firms do not even have a digital number. Some law firms do not use this important marketing strategy. A professional website designed to meet customer inquiries and inquiries is a necessary marketing tool.

To make your website more visible, accessible, and competitive, SEO should be part of your strategy. Using the right keywords, including pages about your company, posting attorney profiles, and posting regular blogs are all part of a good marketing plan and will help generate traffic to your website and increase your customers.

People often search for “attorney” or “attorney.” What makes them choose one over the other, and which keyword should you focus on in your website to increase your search results?

Reasons to Use “Lawyer” as a Keyword

Statistics show that more people search for the words “attorney” and “attorney” than “attorney” and “attorney.” This is a good reason to use “lawyer” on your pages. There is no geographic connection associated with this data. People from all walks of life tend to search for “attorney” instead of “attorney” when searching for legal information.

“Lawyer” is an Industrial Term

Other businesses refer to someone who provides legal services as a lawyer, not a lawyer. It is also used to indicate a specific functional area. For example, many lawyers describe themselves as “personal injury lawyers” or “criminal defense lawyers.”

It is important to know what is typical for a legal representative in your area. Internet searches are related to how people talk about the topic they are searching for, so you should use the keywords used by people you are targeting and hoping to hire.

Reasons to Use “Lawyer” as a keyword

There are a few reasons to use the term “attorney,” but there are also good reasons to use the term “lawyer.”

Use of “Lawyer” is Contemplative

This applies if you use a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising method. PPC means that your company pays an advertiser every time they “click” on a specific link. Search engines and social networks offer this Pay-Per-Click method. The word “lawyer” suggests a cheaper salary than its synonym, “lawyer.”

A Lawyer is a Local

Sometimes “lawyer” is used more often in your neighborhood or place of work. The word “lawyer” is often used in the South and is a more established and popular term around the world. Professional practices may use “attorney” more often than “attorney.”

For example, “divorce attorneys” and “employment attorneys” are not often referred to as “lawyers.” Again, a good SEO plan will match customer search patterns in specific locations and ensure that your website uses the cycle time.

Which term is better for SEO?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It depends on various factors, including:


The location of your law office may indicate the use of “attorney” or “attorney.” Do some research on your own and find out what words and phrases are commonly used in your community.


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