Latest Local Search Updates Released: What Has Google Actually Released?

Optimizing a website for local search allows a website to appear to local users who are searching for your services or products.

Websites must be mobile-friendly to accommodate the majority of users browsing on their phones or tablets.

Actual SEO Media, Inc analyzes the local search updates that Google said they were going to publish compared to what they actually published

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, Nov. 22, 2022 / — Latest Local Search Updates Released: What Did Google Really Release?

Not too long ago, Actual SEO Media, Inc. spoke about their thoughts on Google’s upcoming local search updates. Well, they’re finally here! Some of the updates that were discussed are available. However, there are some additional changes not discussed above that might interest people. But first, a quick overview of the changes that were discussed above.

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Those who follow the press releases from Actual SEO Media, Inc. may remember that Google was going to add seven new updates to its local search. These updates included:

-Search by favorite dish-Digital menu support-Google Maps Live View-Ariel views for major landmarks-More immersive views inside businesses-Vibe searches

These updates allow consumers to identify exactly what they are looking for faster. In addition, this allows companies to attract the customers they are targeting. Thus, it becomes a win-win situation.

What did Google really release?

The search for new places to eat is no longer limited to the type of food one is trying to find. Hungry eaters can now simply search for a specific dish they’re craving. For example, someone wanting to eat the best Chicken Alfredo in town can type in the name of the dish and add “near me,” and local restaurants that serve that dish will start popping up. People can also use Google Lens or use a screenshot of a particular dish and add ‘near me’.

Those who drive an electric car will be pleased to know that they no longer have to drive endlessly in search of a charging station. Google will list electric vehicle charging stations in cities and towns that support electric vehicles. Google has also created filters to help people find the particular plug they need for their vehicle, and they can toggle a ‘fast charge’ filter for added convenience.

An interesting and beneficial update is the ability to find wheelchair accessible places in other countries. Not all countries have the same disability laws, and it can be a challenge for many people with mobility problems to know where they can go. Therefore, Google has created an ‘Accessible Places’ setting that can be turned on and off in Google Maps. A wheelchair icon will appear, and if a particular location is not wheelchair accessible, the symbol will be crossed out.

Live View Search allows consumers to use their phone’s cameras to obtain additional information about a particular business. This feature allows people to find out if a business is currently open, how busy it is at the moment, what the prices are, and what the star rating is.

What does this mean for companies?

Now that it’s becoming easier for people to search for their local businesses, it’s more imperative than ever for businesses to focus on local SEO. Local SEO has always been important, but businesses with a niche market will want to take advantage of these updates. With updates on the way, such as “vibe searches,” businesses will be able to target more precise markets and optimize their advertising strategy.

Local SEO is the bread and butter for brick and motor companies. Those who don’t maximize their SEO strategy could be missing out on a huge market. Local SEO can help provide more web traffic, which can lead to more sales. As Google creates more updates that make it easier for consumers to find what they are looking for, the more imperative it will be for brands to focus on SEO and digital marketing.

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