Popular Utah SEO company continues to grow with acquisitions

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In today’s digital age, it’s not enough to start a business and expect customers to find it. That’s why digital marketing firms have grown out of the need to provide SEO (search engine optimization) and other key strategies for businesses. From this niche market, local SEO company Werkz has emerged as a leader in the field.

The Riverton-based business was named to the Inc. 5000 not just once, but for the last five years exactly! Now, their growth is continuing with a series of new acquisitions.

SEO Werkz acquires Climb Marketing

In September 2022, SEO Werkz acquired a Michigan-based marketing entity, Climb Marketing. Founded by Jeremy Lopatin in the mid-2000s as a personal project to help his family’s tea business get off the ground, Climb Marketing is the culmination of Jeremy’s journey to becoming an expert in the world of digital marketing.

Climb Marketing has helped many clients achieve success in the digital space, focusing on B2B and enterprise marketing activities. The acquisition will allow SEO Werkz to further support its largest entities in robust ways.

“This acquisition adds a great team with years of experience to support our larger SEO engagements,” says Werkz SEO CEO Paul Staten. “This will help us continue to build on these large engagements and expand our focus to larger companies in 2023.”

The addition of Climb Marketing to the SEO Werkz umbrella of companies brings seven highly skilled marketing experts to the group.

SEO Werkz acquires Marlin Consulting

Soon after in October 2022, SEO Werkz acquired Marlin Consulting, an SEO, web design and hosting company based in Florida. Founded in 2009 in Palm Coast, Florida, Marlin Consulting specializes in web design – even winning national awards for website design and related services. Today, they offer some of the best design rates in the business, along with the same type of month-to-month contracts that SEO Werkz already offers.

Marlin Consulting marked the sixth acquisition in SEO Werkz history and added two seasoned web design professionals to the team.

“The addition of Marlin Consulting supports our web development team with some really tenured experience,” says Staten. “We’re excited to continue supporting their clients and trying to bring them new and exciting services that they don’t have access to.” before this!”

SEO Werkz acquires Firetoss

In its seventh and largest single acquisition yet, Senior Werkz acquired Firetoss in November 2022. Firetoss is a graphic design and marketing leader in Utah founded by Tony Passey in 2010. The company was already well known in the area for its work with major entities such as the University of Utah, Real Salt Lake, Colliers International and Digicert. Firetoss handles needs from e-commerce store building to website design, digital ad management and more.

This major acquisition brought 17 employees with Firetoss experience to the SEO Werkz team, bringing the company’s total to 65 US-based employees.

“Firetoss is an addition to the company I’ve been working on for many years,” says Staten. “Tony and I met on and off for years working out the details and finally the stars aligned. We couldn’t be more excited for the Firetoss team to add their expertise to our team.”

Looking forward

Overall, SEO Werkz added 25 new employees to its team in 2022, not to mention expanded services and features that will help the company continue to be at the forefront of the digital marketing space.

“It’s going to be a great 2023,” says Staten. “We expect continued growth as we strive to do what is right for our clients. Our aim is to earn the business of each of our clients, especially by showing a return on investment very soon. D’ we managed to build up to more than 800 current SEO campaigns and 350 Google Ad campaigns, all of them investing in us month after month because they see the value we bring. This is our passion!”

What can SEO Werkz do for your business?

The ultimate goal of hiring a digital marketing firm is to bring your business to the top of every search results page. And while SEO Werkz specializes in getting your business in front of people who need your service, that’s not all they do. SEO Werkz also provides a full suite of digital marketing services, including pay-per-click (PPC) or Google Ads, paid and organic social media marketing, email, web design and development, and more.

SEO Werkz has been in business for over nine years, providing diverse and customizable digital marketing solutions to Utah and national business clients. To learn more about how SEO Werkz can improve your online presence, visit their website or call (801) 456-0195 today.

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Should I pay myself from my LLC?

You do not need to pay yourself as an employee. If you are a member of a multi-member LLC, you can also pay yourself by taking a draw as long as your LLC is a partnership. If it’s an S corporation or a C corporation, you and other LLC members will have to be paid as employees.

What is the best way to pay yourself as a business owner? Sole proprietors and partners pay themselves simply by withdrawing money from the business. Those personal withdrawals are counted as profit and taxed at the end of the year. Set aside a percentage of your earnings in a separate bank account throughout the year so you have money to pay the tax bill when it’s due.

Should I pay myself a salary from my LLCs Corp?

The IRS requires S Corp shareholder-employees to receive a reasonable employee salary, which it generally defines as at least what other businesses pay for similar services.

What percentage of income should I pay myself from my LLC?

Another method is to pay yourself based on your profits. The SBA reports that most small business owners limit their salaries to 50% of their profits, Singer said.

Should partners of an LLC take a salary?

If your LLC is taxed according to the default rules the members cannot be considered employees and cannot receive a salary. However, if you choose to tax the LLC as a corporation, the members who actively work for the LLC can be considered employees and can receive a salary.

Should I pay myself a salary from my corporation?

Business owners should pay themselves if their business earns enough money to do so. Apart from affordability, there are different tax considerations and payment methods to consider, depending on how you have structured your company. We’ll help you decide when and how to pay yourself the right way.

Can I write myself a check from my LLC?

Starting a Business Instead, you pay yourself by withdrawing money from the LLC’s profits as needed. This is called an owner’s draw. You can simply write yourself a check or transfer your business profits from your LLC’s business bank account to your personal bank account. So easy!

Is it better to pay yourself through an LLC?

For many LLC owners, the most advantageous way to get paid is to treat yourself as an employee. In this arrangement, you and other owners who actively work in the business are employees/owners, and you receive paychecks just as you would as an employee of someone else’s business.

What is the most tax efficient way to pay yourself?

The most tax efficient way to pay yourself as a business owner is through a combination of salary and dividends. This allows you to deduct the salary from your business income and pay taxes on it. If you are not paying yourself a salary, you will have to pay taxes on your business profits.

How does an LLC avoid paying taxes?

The key concept of LLC taxation is pass-through. This describes the way in which the earnings of the LLC can be passed directly to the owner or owners, without having to pay federal corporate income taxes first. Sole proprietors and partnerships also pay taxes as pass-through entities.

What percentage of income should I pay myself from my LLC?

Another method is to pay yourself based on your profits. The SBA reports that most small business owners limit their salaries to 50% of their profits, Singer said.

What percentage of income should I pay myself from my LLC?

Another method is to pay yourself based on your profits. The SBA reports that most small business owners limit their salaries to 50% of their profits, Singer said.

How much should I pay myself as a small business owner?

Key points. Small business owners should pay themselves a salary when their businesses are profitable. Base your salary on your net business income, after setting aside 30% for taxes. Divide the remaining income into salary for yourself and your business savings.

Can you transfer money from LLC to personal account?

This is called an owner’s draw. You can simply write yourself a check or transfer your business profits from your LLC’s business bank account to your personal bank account. So easy!

Should I pay myself a salary from my LLC?

Do I need to pay myself a salary? If you are a single member LLC, you only do a lottery or distribution. You do not need to pay yourself as an employee. If you are a member of a multi-member LLC, you can also pay yourself by taking a draw as long as your LLC is a partnership.

What percentage should you pay yourself?

How much should you pay yourself first? As for how much to set aside for yourself in the future, a good benchmark to aim for is between 10% and 15% of your gross income.

Is an EIN attached to your SSN?

An EIN is not linked or related to your SSN. Therefore, using a number other than your SSN for reporting purposes provides additional personal privacy protection. You can easily apply online for the EIN through the IRS. In addition to privacy, there are other benefits to obtaining an EIN.

Can an EIN match an SSN? Answer: Although the IRS has stated that social security numbers and EINs will not overlap, I have personally seen that it can happen.

Can SSN and EIN have the same number?

An EIN is not the same as a Social Security Number. An EIN is an Employer Identification Number and a Social Security Number is an individual’s Tax Identification Number. Although both numbers have similar tax reporting purposes, an EIN is used strictly for business.

Is it mandatory to use a separate EIN number instead of your Social Security Number?

Business entities – corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies must use EINs. But most sole proprietors don’t need to get an EIN and use their Social Security numbers instead.

Do I need an SSN if I have an EIN?

An employer identification number, or EIN, is a nine-digit number issued by the IRS to identify a business entity. Once you’ve applied for an EIN, you can use this federal tax ID to legally identify your business. You can also continue to use your SSN.

Can I use both EIN and SSN?

Income paid to you using your EIN or SSN (Social Security Number) can be combined on the same Schedule C for the business.

Can I use my EIN instead of my social security?

However, any time the sole proprietor hires an employee or has to file an excise tax return or pension plan, the sole proprietor will need an EIN for the business and cannot use his social security number.

How do I get an EIN number not attached to a social security number?

How do I get an EIN without an SSN? If you do not have an SSN, you will need to use Form SS-4 to obtain an employer identification number from the IRS. You will fill out basic information about your business name, entity type, location and then send the completed document to the IRS.

Why do you need a Social Security Number to get an EIN?

You don’t even need to have an LLC or other incorporated business to get an EIN. If you are self-employed with a Social Security Number you will be eligible for the EIN. EINs and Social Security Numbers serve the same purpose; they are used to file taxes and apply for credit.

How do I get an EIN for an LLC without a Social Security Number?

Even if your LLC already exists, you can get an EIN without an SSN by filing IRS Form SS-4. When registering, be sure to provide your third-party designee’s individual tax identification number (TIN) or EIN. You will also be asked for your LLC name, registered agent address (if your designee), and other information.

How do I find a company’s database?

Filterable and searchable company databases

  • Wikipedia (free) …
  • Crunchbase (free & paid) …
  • Inc 5000 (free & paid) …
  • Hoovers (paid)…
  • AngelList (free and paid) …
  • Global Open Data Index. …
  • MIT Libraries. …
  • Details.

Where can I find your private company details? Most companies have D&B reports (usually for credit information). Dun & Bradstreet is a publisher that actively solicits information from private firms, often by calling the company directly. Much of the information in the D&B report is voluntary so the amount of information is likely to vary from company to company.

How do you find a company’s data?

Users can access the EDGAR database at www.sec.gov/edgar to search by company and filing, by all companies registered with the SEC in a particular state or country, or with a specific Classification code They have an Industrial Standard (SIC).

What is a company data?

Nov 26, 2021. Company data is information related to company qualities and behaviors, such as internal customer relationship data, firm data, technical data, and mental data. Such information is usually collected from third party data companies.

Can a single member LLC use a personal bank account?

Yes, you can operate a sole proprietorship or LLC using your personal bank account, but it is not recommended. Sole proprietors are only required to have a separate business bank account if they trade using a fictitious DBA name (doing business as).

Can I transfer money from my personal account to my LLC? Yes, you can send money from your personal account to the business one. It is one of the main ways that business owners will finance the business in the long term. Also, business owners can receive funds to their personal accounts from friends and family, and then transfer the funds to the business account.

Can I use a separate personal bank account for my small business?

Although it may seem difficult to have two bank accounts, you should not use a personal account primarily for your business finances as it may affect your legal liability. In fact, opening a business bank account, as well as a personal bank account, should be one of the first steps to owning a business.

Does the IRS require separate business and personal bank accounts?

The short answer is: More than likely, yes. You may be thinking, Why do I need to open a business bank account? The IRS recommends keeping separate business and personal accounts for easier record keeping.

Can I open a separate bank account for my business?

You can open a business bank account once you have received your federal EIN. Most business bank accounts offer benefits that a standard personal bank account does not. Protection. Business banking offers limited personal liability protection by keeping your business funds separate from your personal funds.

Should I have a separate bank account for my LLC?

It is important to have a separate account for your business so that you can prove that you and your business are separate financial entities in the event of a lawsuit or major liability. Anyone forming an LLC should obtain a business bank account to help maintain liability protection for company members.

Does my LLC need its own bank account?

A corporation or limited liability company (LLC) is a legal entity separate from its owner. That entity needs its own bank account to maintain legal separation between owner and business, which will protect the owner from legal liability.

Can I deposit a check made out to my LLC in my personal account?

You should not deposit checks made out to your business into your personal account. Trying to use company funds to cover your personal expenses may raise suspicions, or trigger an IRS audit. Use business checks for business accounts and use personal checks for personal accounts.

Should I have a separate bank account for my business?

The IRS recommends that all small business owners have separate bank accounts. Although a sole proprietor—an individual who owns a business and is personally responsible for its debts—is not legally required to use a business checking account, it is still a good idea from a tax perspective.

How do I fund my LLC bank account?

Types of LLC Capital Contributions If your capital contribution will be in the form of cash, making a contribution is usually as easy as writing a check from your personal funds to the LLC. However, capital contributions can also take the form of property or services.

What kind of bank account should I open as an LLC?

Anyone forming an LLC should obtain a business bank account to help maintain liability protection for company members. One of the benefits of forming an LLC (limited liability company) is the protection this business structure offers against creditors.

How many bank accounts should an LLC have?

We recommend opening three accounts to help you stay on top of your small business finances: checking, money market, and high-yield savings.

What kind of bank account should I open for my business?

As soon as you start accepting or spending money as your business, you should open a business bank account. Typical business accounts include a checking account, a savings account, a credit card account, and a merchant services account.

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